Skittles are pretty tasty by themselves (excluding those chocolate abominations), and vodka is just wonderful, but maybe not on it’s own. So what if you combined the two? Skittles-infused vodka: two great tastes that taste great together. You get the sweet, synthetic flavors and a great buzz all in the same swallow. I stumbled across this entertaining article about how to infuse vodka with Skittles candy.

The infusions can be enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail or with soda. This is definitely something I’m going to try. It also got me thinking about doing it with other candies- Smarties, SweeTarts, Nerds, etc. Stay tuned because I’ll experimenting with one of the aforementioned very soon and will report back.

Want to make some non-candy related infused vodka of your own? Throw a Vodka Infusion Party!