rick_heartNow I don’t want to get all Fatal Attraction or Misery here, I just want to profess my deep adoration (professionally, of course) for Chef Rick Bayless and his amazing culinary prowess. He’s like the king of Mexican food in the U.S. (no relation to Taco Bell whatsoever) with magical powers bestowed upon him – and his soul patch- by the ancient Aztec gods.

In culinary school, when we were studying current famous chefs, I petitioned that Rick Bayless be added to the syllabus (I got my way, of course). I haven’t had the pleasure of eating at his restaurants – just watching him on TV – but his Frontera salsa they sell at Target is damn tasty!

I also want to let all of you know that he’s totally going to kick ass and win this season of Top Chef Masters. ‘Nuff said. Check out his Top Chef Masters blog: Root4Rick and be sure to listen to the latest Top Chef Masters Podcasts every week at CL Tampa!

So good luck this week, Rick! This one’s for you: