In an attempt to reboot my blog for the third time (or so), I’m trying to make a concerted effort to posting more regularly here. Why not, right? It’s my own uncensored forum where I can rant about things I’m normally not allowed to in the blogs I run for work (and use improper spelling and grammar!). Running three sites can’t be that hard.

I meant to start this on the first buuut…New Year’s Day hangover got in the way followed by a mini trip to Orlando and Disney the following day. Excuses aside, I’m back for some serious food blogging and Top Chef smack talkin’!

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, I host the Top Chef Podcast for Creative Loafing Tampa, so be sure to check out my preview posts every Wednesday afternoon and snarky ‘casts about the show every Thursday afternoon. I’ll also be posting the podcast posts here as well. Follow me on Twitter (@culinarypirate) during the show every Wednesday night (10 EST/9 C) for some live tweeting fun!