top_chef_logo_lgFor this week’s challenges on Top Chef All-Stars, it looks like we’re dealing with teams of two. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a part of the Quickfire or Elimination challenge, but the chefs have to hit the high seas off Montauk and catch the fish they’ll be serving for the final challenge at a catered beach party. (Feel free to make all the “I’m on a Boat” references you please. I shall refrain as it’s, like, so 2009.)

And, in another shocking move by the producers (and because there are still far too many people on this show), it’s going to be another DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Ohmygosh!

Preview video highlights:

  • Tre in a wifebeater (or “boybeater”, the new PC term) — HEL-LO!
  • Blais’ super fabulous sunglasses that look like he either paid too much for them at the Gucci store or stole them from Claire’s.
  • Fabio getting ordered around by Blais. Fabio’s incessant griping in almost unintelligible Itanglish (yes, I made that up) is just adorable. Nobody puts Fabio in a corner!
  • Angelo looking like a tool when he tries to boss Jersey Mike around.

This week’s question: Who do you think could be the dark horse for this season?

Check out the preview videos below.

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Gone Fishing
Fabio Takes a Beating