top_chef_logo_lgIt’s my favorite time of the season: Restaurant Wars! And I’m thrilled that the producers are bringing it back for the All-Stars to suffer through again.

For the Quickfire, Bourdain actually shows his face again on the show and challenges the chefs to a fish fillet-off at Le Bernardin, which just so happens to be owned by occasional Top Chef judge Eric Ripert. Coincidence? I think not.

And, of course, Restaurant Wars serves as the Elimination in this episode. You know the rules: Two teams. Two restaurants. Utter Chaos. And the team whose dishes and service sucks more is on the chopping block. It looks like the chefs will be cooking outdoors for the challenge, which could lead to all sorts of things that could possibly go wrong.

Preview video highlights:

  • Marcel says Tiffany can’t cook an egg. Oh. My. Gosh. He did not just go there!
  • Looks like Dale forgot to take his happy pills and is about to go postal on Fabio and the entire wait staff.
  • Antonia is talkin’ smack because she thinks her team’s food is more “elevated” than her opponents’.
  • Then some of the diners send back Antonia’s food because it “doesn’t look like it’s cooked.” See, this is when I’d be getting pissed off at the diners, not my fellow teammates. If I’m a Top Chef All-Star and I’m serving you “raw” food, then there’s a very good chance I meant it to be eaten that way. So quit your griping, shut up and eat what’s in front of you or GTFO. (I was channeling my inner Angry Dale there.)

This week’s question: Which Top Chef All-Stars would you pick to be stranded on a desert island with? Keep in mind foraging and cooking skills (given the circumstances) and how long you’d be able to stand their presence before wanting to cannibalize them.

Check out the preview videos below.

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Marcel Isn’t Heard
Rare Dishes