top_chef_logo_lgOn tonight’s episode of Top Chef: All-Stars, there’s a lot of stuff and things occurring. Oh yeah, and cooking.

In the beginning of this episode, it’s another case of ‘The Running of the Chefs’. Unfortunately, no one falls in a comical fashion this time. For the Quickfire, the chef’testants must put their own spin on an old classic: fondue (which is so late ’70s).

As for the Elimination Challenge, from seeing the preview after last week’s show (and the one below) we know that the chefs are making guest appearances on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. After the shenanigans on his show, Jimmy delivers their task at hand: cook and cater his birthday party for him and his circle of friends.

Preview video highlights:

  • Angelo creates a deconstructed salad for the Quickfire. Hooray. Like we haven’t seen that before. But the kicker is that he doesn’t get to finish the dish. El no!
  • Though I don’t have much faith in Jersey Mike lasting that much longer in this season, his Quickfire lamb kabobs with feta fondue sound pretty damn delicious.
  • Angelo states: “To be on the Jimmy Fallon show, I think it’s the awesomest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Gee, I’d think, like, going halfway around the world to Singapore or being there for the birth of his kid would take that title. Eh. I guess everyone’s priorities are different.

This week’s question: Now that we’re getting down to the last eight (well, seven after tonight) chef’testants, who do you see in the finale trifecta?

Check out the preview videos below.

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Taking on More Than He Can Chew
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