top_chef_logo_lgWe’re now down to 6 remaining chef’testants on Top Chef: All-Stars and they’re all close enough to the finale to start getting the wafting smell of success (or utter failure).

If you hadn’t yet heard Paula Deen is the guest judge for the Quickfire tonight and challenges the chefs to create a deep-fried masterpiece in 30 minutes. Can their oil even get hot enough to use within that amount of time? And, big surprise, Blais is using liquid nitrogen to “fry” his dish. This after he claimed on Twitter last Sunday: “re: my use of nitro. It’s an ingredient. Not unlike oil. Actually, about as cold as frying oil is hot, with as many uses. It’s not a gimmick.” (I’d like to think he said that as a direct response to us on the Top Chef Podcast for calling him out last week for overusing that trick.)

For the Elimination Challenge, the chefs are cooking for a cause: They have to cater a seafood dinner for a at a charity event benefiting Gulf Coast fisherman and Chef John Besh will be playing guest judge. The twist: six recently chopped chef’testants are brought back to play sous chefs and, of course, are chosen at random. Oh the stress and hilarity that will ensue!

Preview video highlights:

  • Blais: “I’m pretty sure mayo is one of her [Paula Deen’s] staple ingredients” No hun, it’s butter. Who doesn’t know that?!
  • Then Blais decides to make liquid nitro-fried mayo. That is just wrong on so many levels.
  • See Jersey Mike’s face at :51 in the first preview video. And I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. 🙂
  • In the second video, Blais calls Mike “Jersey Mike”. ZOMG, he used the nickname I made up! Maybe he does listen to our podcast! Yes, I’m taking credit for it because I’m the first who started using it (as far as I know).
  • Tiffany gets stuck with Marcel. Oh noes. I would pay big bucks to see her snap on him. Let’s just hope that he doesn’t contribute to her having to pack her knives this episode (because it’s Jersey Mike’s turn).

This week’s question: If this were Top Chef: Fair Food, what do you think the remaining chef’testants would make?

Check out the preview videos below.

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Paula Deen Visits the Top Chef Kitchen
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