top_chef_logo_lg It’s the second to last episode of Top Chef: All-Stars tonight!

For the Quickfire, the remaining chefs have a pretty easy challenge: prepare a one-pot meal. But, as we’ve seen in the past, there’s the potential to over-think a dish and it turn out to be a mucky mess.

In the Elimination Challenge, it looks like the chefs will be paired with some big names in the culinary world: Wolfgang Puck, Morimoto and Michelle Bernstein (if I remember correctly), and they have to prepare a meal indicative of those chefs’ styles. Mike says he’s going to go out on a limb and trying something new for him for this challenge. Um, Mike, have you not seen many other chefs do this so close to the finale in past seasons and fail miserably?

Preview video highlights:

  • Blais’ one-pot dish consists of store-bought hot dogs, ketchup and a slew of other unidentified ingredients. Interesting.
  • I think Mike wins the Quickfire because it’s looking like he’s the one who decided which big name chef they were each paired up with.
  • Antonia: “Mikey gave it to me twice today.” Are Antonia and Jersey Mike flirting a little? The pressure must really be getting to her.
  • Mike: “I want it and I’m gonna take it.” Famous last words (and “that’s what she said”).

This week’s question: If Jersey Mike wins this season, do you believe it’s another sign the Apocalypse?

Check out the preview videos below.

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A Simple Challenge
Calling out Mike