On tonight’s episode of Top Chef Masters:

For the Quickfire the chefs must cook a dish only using the microwave. Most of them go on and on about how they never use a microwave — blah, blah, blah, who cares. We know very well that they don’t use them, at least not in their restaurants, but the point of Top Chef Masters is to pull them out of their comfort zone, and this challenge does exactly that. And no one had better make anythig sashimi or tartare related because that’s cheating!

The chefs must cook for an edible science fair for the Elimination Challenge, not only serving what looks to be middle school students (you can never tell these days), but also educating them on science-y stuff through their dishes. I’m just hoping someone makes an exploding volcano out of mashed potatoes and red Kool-Aid.

And I am very happy to announce — drum roll, please — Ruth Reichl is back in her rightful place at the judges’ table! Huzzah! Oh, and Padma shows up because she can’t have another TC host showing her up.

Preview video highlights:

  • In the first preview video, Naomi claims that she didn’t have a microwave when she was growing up. It then cuts to a shot of her playing in the dirt with sticks looking like a feral child. Does Bravo want us to assume that a child brought up without a microwave is some sort of hippie-savage?
  • A photo of Hugh’s kids is shown during the Quickfire. Sadly, no unibrows (or at least they weren’t visible).
  • Mary Sue demos viscosity for her science fair project. I won’t even type what some of that stuff looks like on her petri dish. What is she serving those children?!

Check out the preview videos below.

Update: Okay, even though all of the new previews are up on Bravo’s site, there won’t be a new episode tonight. This episode will be airing next week. Way to go letting us know ahead of time, Bravo…


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Preview Videos:
Microwave Cooking
Getting All Science-y