You know how everyone claims that their mom makes the best meatloaf and no one else’s can compare to it? I would have agreed with that, until I found this recipe for bacon-wrapped meatloaf. The classic comfort dish that is meatloaf and delicious salty bacon combine to make a juicy, meaty, melt-in-your-mouth taste explosion. Hungry yet? Read on.

This version of meatloaf was actually a collaboration and experiment by myself and my guinea pig/willing victim (a.k.a.: boyfriend) one Sunday afternoon. The idea was to make a better version of standard meatloaf, but how? What would elevate it from a simple comfort food to one sexy hunk of meat? And then the idea was born: (more…)


Since everyone and their mother, brother and step-uncle twice removed have been getting ill lately (and recycling the viruses), I, too, have finally succumbed to the sickness. Had a decent cold last week and was recovering until my boyfriend got sick again, thus passing it along to me and now I fear I may have the flu. (Yes, this makes for a riveting blog post, eh?) Anyway, enough of the whining and on to the actual reason for the post: sick food! (As in, food I’d like to eat when I’m sick; not food that looks gross or sickly.)

So I’ve been perusing the usual “food porn” databases and these recipes stood out as particularly heartwarming and delicious-looking. Now if I only had the gumption to get off the couch (cozily tucked under a blanket and sporting some fab mismatched PJs and fuzzy socks) and make these myself. Maybe I can con my boyfriend into cooking today…