top_chef_logo_lgUnless you live under a rock, you were fully aware that the Top Chef All-Stars finale was last night — and if you were a loyal fan, you were watching it live.

We were lucky enough to have Joe Yonan from the Washington Post (better known as @WaPoFoodLive) as our special guest for this podcast. He dished up all of the hot, behind-the-scenes Top Chef gossip from the D.C. season and snarky commentary on last night’s finale.

As for the episode: the little amuse bouche challenge with the 15 chopped chef’testants was a great twist to the episode — Blais and Jersey Mike having to blind-taste their offerings to determine who’d be on their teams for the finale’s “Restaurant Wars” challenge. Funny how Mike said he didn’t want Jamie on his team and then he picked her! What did I say about karma a few weeks ago, kids?

The rest of the episode was a definite nail-biter. Bias aside, Jersey Mike was putting out some stellar-looking dishes! I was getting scared. Blais, on the other hand, was showing a lot of restraint. Too much, though? Was he true enough to himself in his dishes? It seemed they were toe-to-toe in their courses — Mike having two great courses and the same for Blais.


top_chef_logo_lg The two remaining chef’testants are hitting the ground running during the Top Chef: All-Stars finale tonight! I’d say there are two distinct groups of fans who will be watching tonight’s final showdown: Those who desperately want Blais to win and those who desperately want Jersey Mike to not win. Of course, there will be some centrists as well.

Right after Blais and Mike learn that they’ve made it to the real finale, Tom gives the gents their final quest: “We want you to create for us the restaurant of your dreams.” I’m taking it as this will be a Restaurant Wars-style showdown. After learning that 15 of the chopped chefs will be returning to act as sous chefs for the challenge, Blais and Mike are deliberating over who they want on their team. Little do they know, it won’t be as cut and dry as picking out their team like they did during kickball games in middle school gym class.

Back in the kitchen, Padma charges the 15 returning chefs to create an amuse bouche for Blais and Mike, who will then have to choose their sous chefs based solely on a blind taste test of those offerings. I’m sure by now finalists have a decent idea of the other chefs’ cooking styles so that they might be able to match the dish to the chef.

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top_chef_logo_lg It’s Round 1 of the finale on Top Chef: All-Stars tonight and the 5 remaining chefs are in the beautiful and picturesque (and tourist-ridden) island of Nassau in The Bahamas!

For the Quickfire, the chefs must compete in a cook-off against the champion from their season. Stephanie Izard, winner of season 4, has to go up against both Antonia and Blais, so she has her work cut out for her. Meanwhile, Carla is paired with Hosea, Jersey Mike is going up against Angry Brother (a.k.a.: Michael Voltaggio), and Tiffany must compete against Kevin Sbraga. Lucky for them, it looks like the loser of the Quickfire won’t be going home.

As for the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must cook for the kind and queen of The Bahamas. Wait, The Bahamas has a monarchy? Or is it one of those deals like we see with the Royal Family in England, where they really don’t do anything but ride around in carriages and get snapped by the paparazzi?

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