top_chef_logo_lgFor this week’s challenges on Top Chef All-Stars, it looks like we’re dealing with teams of two. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a part of the Quickfire or Elimination challenge, but the chefs have to hit the high seas off Montauk and catch the fish they’ll be serving for the final challenge at a catered beach party. (Feel free to make all the “I’m on a Boat” references you please. I shall refrain as it’s, like, so 2009.)

And, in another shocking move by the producers (and because there are still far too many people on this show), it’s going to be another DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Ohmygosh!

Preview video highlights:

  • Tre in a wifebeater (or “boybeater”, the new PC term) — HEL-LO!
  • Blais’ super fabulous sunglasses that look like he either paid too much for them at the Gucci store or stole them from Claire’s.
  • Fabio getting ordered around by Blais. Fabio’s incessant griping in almost unintelligible Itanglish (yes, I made that up) is just adorable. Nobody puts Fabio in a corner!
  • Angelo looking like a tool when he tries to boss Jersey Mike around.

This week’s question: Who do you think could be the dark horse for this season?

Check out the preview videos below.


tc_crewAs we saw in last week’s episode of Top Chef Las Vegas, the stakes and drama are getting higher and it’s getting harder to predict who will be going home next (with the majority of the weak links now gone). We’ve seen some of the heavy-hitters, like Ceveech (Jen), slipping up and some of the underdogs, like Robin, excel. I’m just excited that we’re finally getting to the meat of this competition, after cutting away the fat like Phranc (Preeti), Mary Kay Letourneau (Eve), and cleaner of Picasso’s paintbrushes, Ash.

Tonight’s episode looks entertaining because the cheftestants are getting all kinds of curve balls thrown at them. Their Quickfire Challenge is to cook a TV dinner (complete with plastic tray) inspired by a classic television show, i.e.: M*A*S*H, Gilligan’s Island, etc.

After viewing the preview video below, it looks as if some of the chefs are out of their element, like Eli who claims to have never eaten a TV dinner. And why would he when he lives at home with his mother who probably waits on him hand and foot? Our one-time favorite, whom some of us had in their top three, Ceveech, looks like she’s drowning in self-doubt again this week as well. Will this affect her power ranking or even her spot in the finale? (I know I’m changing my bet on the finale trifecta.)